How to Plan a Group

Dear Tour Leader

Leading your church or group to the Lands of the Bible is not only rewarding but the journey leaves no heart untouched and no soul unmoved. Once you pick the dates and the itinerary you prefer according to your interests and budget, we take the hard work out of getting your group organized. As a Tour Wholesaler we offer you excellent prices, outstanding group leader support and superior tour planning. We print a personal brochure for your tour, which includes the itinerary, rate, conditions, booking procedures and registration. We take care of all the booking arrangements and service required in the countries you visit to give your group the experience they are expecting in the Lands of the Bible. You, the group leader has only to promote the tour and take care of your group while on tour. In return for this you receive a variety of travel benefits. If you are a potential Tour Host and would like more information on tour host benefits and how to lead a Christian Pilgrimage Tour please read this guide. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will be delighted to guide you through the planning process and help you select the tour to match your budget and needs. We work with all denominations and kinds of groups paying attention to special needs such as praying time, worship services, local experiences, specialty sites and programs, etc.

Planning a Tour
The tour price change according to:
The number of countries visited
Duration of the tour
Departure date
Airline routing / Number of stops
Level of accommodations
Group size
Host benefits
What is included
What is not included in the tour package

The best group rate is when touring includes only one country. An optional extension can be offered to members of your group who wish to visit other country
Duration of the tour
Each day of touring has a certain cost. A full day tour with a bus and guide is more economical than 2 half days. Free days are often welcomed and allow time for resting, shopping or spending important time at prayer, while benefiting from the reduced tour cost.
Departure date
The departure date affects the price of the tour. The rate increases from low to high season. November - February (except Christmas) is low season. March - June (except Easter/Passover) and September - October (except Jewish holidays) is shoulder season. July - September are high season with the airlines.
Airline routing and the Number of stops
Group air fares vary according to departure date, routing, number of countries, and the number of stops. The best rate is when only one carrier is used. All group members must fly together, although some may be allowed to deviate on the return at an additional cost.
Level of accommodations
Most Hotels in the Eastern Mediterranean have smaller rooms, bathrooms and different bed sizes than North American hotels. We defined the hotels as Budget, Standard, Moderate, Superior and Deluxe. In our proposal to you, we mention the names of hotels and the hotel classification. Please note that the tour cost is based on two people in a room. If a passenger wishes a single room a surcharge is required. We will do our best to supply your group with the best available hotels within your price range. Child and Triple room rates are available in some of the hotels.
Group size
The rate of a tour changes according to the number of paying people on the tour, the larger your group the lower the rate. A minimum of 15 full paying passengers is usually required to be considered a group. We can also offer smaller group programs and rates.
Host benefits
You have all the flexibility to meet your needs for free trips and at the same time to control the selling price. Please advise number of passengers and free tours for the host leader. All tour companies calculate into the tour price the free tours for the tour leader. Please note that the more attractive the price the easier it will be to gather a big group.
Included in the tour price
The tour price states what will be included in the tour. We suggest that you include the following to be competitive with other tours offered in the market: Free travel for the hosts, Return air travel, Moderate hotel accommodation & service charges, transfers and assistance, two meals daily; breakfast and dinner, qualified English speaking licensed guide, deluxe air-conditioned bus, and admission fees to sites in the program. A free Personal promotional brochure is given to you.
Not included
To provide the best competitive rate, the tour usually shows the following as additional fees: Single room supplement, Insurance costs, Passport, visa and border fees if applicable, tips to driver, guide and hotel staff. If you would like, these costs can be added to the tour price.
Identify the key benefits of travel to the Holy Land. Make announcements, invite everyone, and distribute your personal brochure. Seek local media coverage. Contact a wider circle of prospects. Consider promoting your tour through other churches in your community or within your own denomination. Advertise in local Christian Newspapers, they can bring more attention to your tour. A tour is also a great community outreach program. Some people who would rarely come to church may consider a tour to Israel as their “Spiritual Experience.” Don't forget the individual approach. Ask for a commitment to go. Hold Israel orientation meetings. Make small group presentations. Announce everyone who joins. Write letters to tour group members and prospects. Enlist help from other popular leaders in exchange for a free trip for them actually; the most important factor in the success of your tour is your own firm decision that you are going to go on this trip. Once you have taken this step of faith yourself, the rest is easy. Provide detailed information about the tour. Assist tour members with individual questions or problems, and provide spiritual guidance.

We suggest that you allow yourself at least six to nine months to organize the tour. A longer period is even better, since you need ample time to promote your tour and solicit guests. Begin by announcing the expected tour and dates of travel. A successful key to building your group is to BEGIN EARLY!
Countries you are visiting. To enhance promotion of your tour, you may choose to have your tour posted on Sunworld Tours Internet site. Potential customers will have access to your tour and be able to request more information directly through our office. There is no charge to you for this service.

Booking Procedures
A registration form will be included in the promotional brochure we print for you and should be filled out by the passengers and sent to us, together with a legible copy of the second page (picture/information page) of their passport. Each tour member is responsible to process their passport and visa if required. The deposit, final payment amounts, dates and terms and conditions will be printed on the brochure as well. The registrations can be sent to our office by each passengers or collected by yourself as per your preference.
The deposit is crucial to the formation of your group – you must ask for a deposit. A deposit means that your passenger has committed himself to your tour.
It is highly recommended that each member be fully insured from the time of departure until their return with full coverage travel and health insurance. Tour participants can purchase the insurance according to their age and condition through our company, as stated on the personalized brochure.
Visa & Documentations
All passengers require a valid passport for at least six months after returning home.  A visa is a stamp in your passport that permits you to enter a country. It is the passenger’s responsibility to verify and obtain a visa if needed according to their citizenship. Make sure you have the proper documentations to return home. Visa for Israel is not required for Canadian and USA citizens